Q: How do I apply for a vehicle permit?

A: Navigate to


Q: Can I apply for a parking permit immediately after receiving my IDCARD?

A: No, upon receiving an ID card staff/students will have to wait until data has propagated before permit registration is possible.

(To be safe students/staff should wait 24 hours to ensure that this process is completed.)


Q: I keep getting an error, Student ID/Staff ID is not valid, what do I do?

If employee contract is less than one year, apply through the Head of Department to receive a temporary permit pass.

Ensure that you are financially cleared.

Visit the IDCARD office to have your data checked.


Q: When will my parking permit be ready for collection after successful permit registration?

A:  Staff permits will be delivered directly to their department location. Student parking permits may be collected at SAC between the hours of 8:30 am-6:00pm.


Q: What is the cost for a replacement or additional parking permit?


Q: Do I need to walk with any documents to collect my parking permit?

A: Your Student ID is required.


     For any further information please visit


Send an email to and include your Student or Staff ID Number.