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August 25, 2017
The following guidelines apply to the use and application of The UWI’s Automated Online Vehicle Permit System.

  1. A Vehicle Permit shall allow the holder of such a Permit vehicular access to The UWI St. Augustine Campus via any/all Campus entrances. Persons without a valid Vehicle Permit will be allowed vehicular access to the Campus via the Visitors’ Entrance only.
  2. Applicants for a Vehicle Permit are invited to register online by submitting certain information relating to the vehicle he/she wishes to have registered with the Campus, as well as information relating to the applicant’s vehicular insurance, driver’s license and registration details. Please be advised that any willful submission of false or erroneous information constitutes an offence for which disciplinary or legal action may be taken against offenders. N.B. As it relates specifically to students, only registered students will be allowed to apply for a Vehicle Permit.
  3. All information submitted by an applicant for a Vehicle Permit shall be treated as confidential by the University.
  4. Breach of any the national laws of Trinidad and Tobago, as well as any of the University’s traffic and parking rules, regulations and restrictions, inclusive of any temporary rules, regulations and restrictions that may be in effect at any time, may result in the University’s revocation of an individual’s Vehicle Permit and any privileges associated with it.  The University’s traffic and parking rules and regulations are available on the Campus Security Services website, at the following web addresses:
  5. Failure to have a Vehicle Permit visibly and conspicuously displayed on the windshield or dashboard of a vehicle may result in the said vehicle being wheel-clamped and only released upon payment of the applicable fee, and/or towed away at the owner’s expense, regardless of whether the said vehicle was legitimately parked.
  6. In order for a vehicle that has been wheel-clamped to be released, the applicable fee must to be paid to the Cashier at the Bursary or, in the event that the Cashier is closed, at the Campus Security Services Charge Room. If the fee is paid to the Cashier at the Bursary, the original receipt must then be presented to Campus Security Services at the Charge Room, upon which the vehicle will be released.
  7. Vehicle Permits are not transferrable and are valid only when used by the persons to whom, and with the vehicles for which, they are issued.
  8. Vehicle Permits are issued only by the Office of the Director of Security. Copying, duplicating or other unauthorized production/reproduction of Vehicle Permits is strictly prohibited and constitutes a criminal offence under the Laws of Trinidad and Tobago Forgery Act, Chapter 11:13, Section 7.
  9. Notwithstanding an individual’s possession of a Vehicle Permit, parking on Campus is permitted in designated parking spaces only.
  10. When parking on Campus, the following guidelines apply:
    1. Heart Ease and JFK East Carparks – Only for students with valid Student Vehicle Permits displayed;
    2. The TGR North and TGR South Carparks – For all persons, with or without valid Vehicle Permits;
    3. Specially marked supplier parking spaces – for Supplier vehicles only;
    4. Specially marked handicap parking spaces ­– for persons with Handicap Vehicle Permits only;
    5. All other parking spaces – For staff with valid Staff Vehicle Permits Displayed
  11. By applying for a Vehicle Permit all applicants acknowledge and agree that the University’s issuance of a Vehicle Permit does not in any way constitute its acceptance of liability for any loss or damage caused to any vehicle or its contents while on the University’s Campus, unless such loss or damage is specifically caused by the University’s sole negligence.


R1 – August 25, 2017